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Professional Legal Protection

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Professional Legal Protection

The professional legal protection product has been developed in partnership with ARAG leader in ItalianellaTutela Legale, present on the market for more than 50 years and active in 15 European countries.

It is a product aimed mainly at Freelancers and Associated Studies as well as being of interest also for subjects registered in the Single Labor Book. The policy covers all legal, expert, judicial and procedural charges, not repeatable by the counterparty, required by the Insured to defend his interests.

Legal fees for assisted negotiation and mandatory mediation are also guaranteed and, in the latter case, also the costs of the mediation body.

With the new contract protection company and professionals we refund the following expenses:

  • its legal representative
  • the expert of the tribunal
  • the expert of a party
  • the investigator to prove the defense of justice in the criminal trial
  • counterparty attorneys in the event of failure
  • counterparty attorneys in case of transactions authorized by the company

With new legal protection for companies and professionals are insured legal representatives, freelancers and their employees enrolled in the unique workbook. The product is characterized by the combination of 4 different guarantees that can be purchased through specific packages/ combinations:

  • criminal defense
  • criminal defense + civil defense
  • board of directors
  • middle management

Policy without annual premium adjustment and maximum per event, unlimited for the year to choose between € 25,000.00 - € 35,000.00 - € 50,000.00.

The sectors on which the company protection policy operates are:

  • trade, crafts, industry, studies of associated professionals, hotels and resorts, farms, services, and real estate agencies
  • building and real estate companies
  • professionals
  • apical figures
  • doctors
  • executives and directors, CDA

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