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Medical RC

Products available:

  • Medical CPR with invasive acts
  • Medical CPR without invasive acts
  • Serious medical misconduct

The policy covers the civil liability arising to the insured person in the exercise of the professional activity of a doctor exercised as an independent freelancer, who manages his office or office alone or with the help of other doctors, or of a doctor authorized to engage in a professional activity outside the territory, including duties and duties auxiliary to or supporting the professional activity itself.

The insurance refers to all the medical-health tasks entrusted to the Insured as an employee, consultant, or collaborator of private hospital facilities.

In addition, the coverage is also intended to keep the insured free in the event that the public and/ or private hospital, to which it performs its work as an employee, consultant, or collaborator, or its Insurer, is liable to third parties for serious misconduct, or in the event that he is held liable or co-liable for serious misconduct by a judgment of the Court of Auditors which has become final.

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