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The Specialists package for my CREA Suite guide was developed in collaboration with ARAG SE, CHUBB European Group SE, and Ima Italia Assistance S.p.A. The Specialists package for my Guide consists of a combination of the following products:

  • Legal Protection (ARAG): Legal protection insurance is the contract by which the insurance company, towards payment of a premium, undertakes to bear the costs of legal experts or to provide other services, necessary for the policyholder to defend his interests in court, in any type of proceedings, or out-of-court proceedings, in particular to obtain compensation for damage suffered or to defend himself against a claim for compensation against him, provided that it is not offered by the undertaking providing legal expenses insurance.

  • Accidents (CHUBB): It is a contract of Accidents of the driver. It guarantees the insured person compensation or reimbursement of the costs incurred for accidents suffered in connection with the driving of the insured vehicle and the operations necessary, in the event of a stop, for the resumption of travel.

  • Roadside Assistance (IMA): The insurance activity of the Company that undertakes, upon payment of a premium, to make available immediately to the insured, within the agreed limits, aid in the event of an unforeseeable occurrence. Such aid may consist of cash or benefits in kind.

The policy covers vehicles identified by license plate and can be taken out by the owner, authorized drivers, or transported for claims driving the vehicle indicated in the policy.

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