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Industrial turnover

The Industry Turnover policy is taken out directly by the owner of the goods.

It is studied in order to assure all the terrestrial, marine and aerial transportation of the goods re-entering the turnover purchases and/or sales of a manufacturing or commercial company.

This type of policy guarantees all material and direct damages that the goods covered by the insurance suffer, except those expressly excluded.

The guarantee may also extend to transport ancillary to the company’s activities.


In the Vectorial Liability policy, the company undertakes to indemnify the policyholder of what he is required to pay (both for National and International transport), as a civil liability, for compensation due by him, pursuant to and within the limits of the law, as a road carrier, by way of contractual liability for loss or damage of goods delivered to him for carriage.

The insurance includes the liability of the insured person for loss or damage of the things that the same has entrusted to third parties for the execution of the transport.

In the guarantee relating to the insurance of damage to goods carried on behalf of the person entitled, shall be charged to the company all material and direct damage that the goods - for which the contractor has received from the beneficial owner the same written mandate to insure with a certain date prior to the beginning of the transport - suffer during the overland transport entrusted to the contractor itself, due to all risks.

The main guarantees included are theft, misappropriation, risk of strikes, wet goods on open vehicles in case of transport entrusted to third parties, tanks, used goods, payload, war risk, gross negligence, fraud of employees, loading and unloading, container body, Swap bodies and third-party tanks, closed investigation, packaging and packaging, clearance of the road and disposal of damaged goods.

The main guarantees included are:

  • theft
  • misappropriation
  • strike risks
  • goods on open vehicles in case of transport entrusted to third parties
  • cisterns
  • used goods
  • reach
  • war risk
  • gross negligence
  • employee misconduct
  • loading and unloading
  • container body
  • swap bodies and tanks of third parties
  • closed inquiry
  • packaging
  • clearance of the road site and disposal of damaged goods

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